Founded in 2009 and in the past years, satisfied hundreds of guests to enjoy an all inclusive, whole day or half day fishing with a highly experienced angler either from a boat or from the banks in and around Den Helder.

Angling is for some a passion. For others its a relaxing recreation. For all ages its a way to find yourself.

The opportunity is all year round, and brought to you by Kingfisher Guided Fishing Tours.

Everything is done for you. Your needs are catered for entirely throughout your experience with us. We offer quality food and beverages, and excellent equipment is at your disposal.

It is a "Catch, Photo, Release" basis. Photographs and dvd recordings will be sent to you.

Your experience can be booked via the website. All you need to do is to come aboard! Look forward to meeting you.

Your Guide and Host
Kingfisher Guided Fishing Tours
T: +31 6 1745 9392